Building Innovative, Collaborative, Human-Centric Organizations

To deliver experiences, products, and services that bring value, the organizations behind those offerings need to be able to operate effectively. They must be able to respond and adapt to changes and disruption and utilize the talent and ideas of their people in ways that propel the organization forward. Through Organizational Design – the intentional arrangement of people, principles and practices, technology – we work with organizations to grow their maturity in innovation, collaboration, design, and human-centricity.

Helping Innovation and Collaboration Take Hold

No matter how well intentioned and structured your vision for the future is, unless your organization operates in a way that supports your strategy, you won’t get as far as you would like. Organizational culture isn’t just about team retreats and casual dress Fridays. It can be seen as a kind of operating system for how people interact and work gets done. We help you evaluate the shared beliefs and perceptions of the organization and is both reflected and reinforced by things like roles, structure, processes, tools, skills, and more.

Always Improving Through Continuous Learning & Iteration

Improving organizational effectiveness is not just a "set it and forget it" type of event. Any design effort takes this into account. Our approach incorporates continuous learning, training, and coaching in order to iterate, refine and strengthen your organization over time. Our trainings are done mostly on-site to help teams understand and immediately incorporate new concepts.

“We bring a human-centered approach to organizational design – starting by understanding the strengths & needs of the organization & its people, collaboratively designing approaches to strengthen HCD and innovation practices, and testing and refining these new ways of working accordingly.”

Sample Design Transformation Activities

Design Maturity Analysis

Based on our proprietary framework, assessing your progress toward design centricity to suggest paths forward.

Workshop Planning & Facilitation

Expert facilitation and consensus building of groups, including designing tasks and activities based on your situation and team members.

Design Coaching

Ongoing support, nudging, and guidance, recognizing that organizational change evolves over time.

Design Process & UX

Build skills in topics ranging from Content Strategy and Data Visualization to Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design Boot Camps.

Strategy & Service Design

Learn how to evaluate your brand’s ecosystem with a focus on improving the quality of customer interactions across channels and technologies.

Design Research

From recruiting and research methods, learn how to plan and run research efforts that provide useful and actionable results to inform design decisions.

Collaborative Practices & Soft Skills

Learn how to improve collaboration and process with trainings on topics like critique, facilitation, design studio, and meeting/workshop design.